LRMP Presentation to Recent Alumni

On January 3rd, first day back from holiday break, members of our Long-Range Master Plan Core Team presented to recent CHS Alumni, graduates within 5 years of Cedarburg. The 30 minute presentation was followed by Q&A and a great introduction to the LRMP for the recent graduates of Cedarburg High School. From this initial engagement, it was clear that there is a vested interest in our long range planning. We plan to come back for a second round of listening sessions.

CSD Long Range Master Plan

This fall the Cedarburg School Board unanimously voted to adopt a community input approach with focus groups to identify and confirm school district teaching and learning needs as part of the current Long Range Master Planning (LRMP) process.

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Contribute to Cedarburg

The Many Ways to Contribute to Cedarburg Students

As we near the holidays and the end of the year, many people choose to donate to their favorite causes and organizations. This not only allows them to take part in the spirit of giving, but also reduces their tax obligations come spring.

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Great Fall Events in Cedarburg!

The Coming Weeks are Packed with Great Events in Cedarburg!

As we near the winter season here in Cedarburg, students and faculty are preparing for a wide range of events. These include everything from concerts and theater performances to exciting sporting events.

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Cedarburg Wraps Up Homecoming Week 2017

Homecoming is always a fun and special time in Cedarburg—and this October was no exception.

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It's That Time of the Year: Homecoming in Cedarburg

There's nothing quite like homecoming in Cedarburg. The week—and all the activities, events and celebrations that take place—has become a true point of pride in our community.

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School’s Back in Full Swing in Cedarburg

Is there anything quite like fall in Cedarburg? There’s an energy to southeast Wisconsin this time of year as the leaves begin to change, the air gets a little cooler and students head back to school at Parkview, Thorson, Westlawn, Webster and Cedarburg High School. 

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