Small Ways You Can Be More Civically Engaged

There are many reasons why it's important to be civically involved, from contributing to your community in meaningful ways to the health benefits often found in those who actively serve as volunteers and on boards and committees of nonprofits and government agencies.

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Recent News & Highlights in Cedarburg Schools

This winter season sure has been challenging, both here in Cedarburg and across the state of Wisconsin. Although it may not feel like it, however, spring is on the way!

It's during this time of the year that we like to provide our alumni, supporters and community members with some news and updates from our schools.

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Value of a Great Education

Cedarburg Alumni Know the Value of a Great Education

Whether it’s at an international conference or a local school board meeting, education is one of the most widely discussed topics at every level—and for good reason. The quality of education children receive can make a huge difference in the rest of their lives.

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Upcoming Events in Cedarburg Schools

Alumni, Check Out These Upcoming Events in Cedarburg Schools

Late fall is an exciting time in the Cedarburg School District! Our students are working hard in and out of the classroom, while preparing for a wide variety of special events in the coming weeks.

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CSD Facilities Referendum 2018

VOTE November 6

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Homecoming in Cedarburg

There's nothing quite like homecoming in Cedarburg. The week—and all the activities, events and celebrations that take place—has become a true point of pride in our community.

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Cedarburg Referendum Question to Appear on November Ballot

On November 6, residents who live in the Cedarburg School District will have the opportunity to vote on a $59.8 million facilities referendum.

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LRMP Fact Sheet Mailer

At the July Board meeting, the Cedarburg Board of Education decided to move forward with a November referendum for $59.8 million for facility improvements. The decision to put a referendum on the fall ballot was based on the identified needs around three major themes; capacity, teaching and learning spaces and safety and security. 

The first week of August, all district residents will receive a fact sheet mailer on the proposed project that summarizes the need, identifies key priorities at each school, explains the tax impact and overall cost of the plan.

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CSD Approves November Referendum

On July 18, 2018, the Cedarburg Board of Education’s unanimously approved a resolution to move forward with a November referendum for $59.8 million for facility improvements.

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What's Happening in Cedarburg Schools

What's Happening in Cedarburg Schools?

It has been another great school year here in the Cedarburg School District! As we head into the summer months, we have several pieces of good news to share with our alumni, supporters and community members. Check out some recent highlights.

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