Long Range Master Plan

LRMP Proposed Solutions

Over the last three years, the Cedarburg School District has examined instructional and facility needs to maintain the District's high academic standards. Through the development of a Long Range Master Plan, the district identified planning for anticipated growth, supporting current and future needs of teaching and learning and improving safety and security as the top priorities to address. Proposed Solutions for each school as presented and approved by the School Board on April 23, 2018 can be found on the left side navigation bar for each school.

1. Needs

The top three priorities for this Long Range Master Plan are:

1) Addressing Enrollment and Capacity
Within District boundaries, 16 new subdivisions/developments have been approved or proposed. That equates to 575 new homes. Coupled with regular growth, the District could experience an increase of 250-350 kids in the next seven years.

2) Improved Teaching and Learning Environments
Our commitment to students is to ensure that every student graduates from high school well-prepared and future-ready. Thus, the goal of the District is to optimize student achievement by designing learning experiences responsive to future job markets, by incorporating: project based and real life applications; engineering and design principles and departments (like art and engineering) that foster student collaboration; critical thinking; and problem solving skills.

3) Safety and Security
The safety and security of our students, staff and community is always a priority. Upon conducting a variety of security assessments, the district looks to makes multiple improvements from traffic control to building security and everything in between. Cedarburg School District is committed to providing the safest environment possible.

2. Capacity & Enrollment

All but one of our schools are currently operating at/over capacity, creating operational challenges. As a result, schools are using spaces and rooms for functions other than their intended purposes, including using hallways and storage spaces for instruction.

Enrollment Growth

The District is anticipating steady growth that could total more than 350 additional students by the 2025-2026 school year.

3. Potential Solutions

To address the top three priority needs, the District has worked with architectural and construction consultants to create a solution. This potential solution not only solves growth concerns; improves teaching and learning, and addresses safety and security, but it also addresses the majority of concerns that were expressed in the community focus groups. The potential solutions can be found on the district website at http://www.cedarburg.k12.wi.us/about/long-range-planning.cfm.

4. Financial Background

$72.3 million is the estimated cost of these potential solutions.

  • The estimated tax increase would be .98 cents per $1,000 of home value.
  • The District will be paying off debt obligations from past projects, which will assist in reducing the potential tax impact on the community and still keeps rates below where they were in 2013.

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